[Kintetsu Yokkaichi 6-minute walk from the train station! Can be up to] hideout × meat Bal ☆ 90 minutes to drink 4,000 yen with unlimited ~, chartered 40 people! If you can contact us in advance, to the customer’s birthday (anniversary) anniversary plate, bouquet, we will prepare a hole cake

The shop is stuck with homemade everything from dressing, shopkeeper we have Otsukuri cordially.
The meat has been carefully selected domestic Japanese beef to the largest food, wine is a French production that meets the meat dishes shopkeeper carefully selected
always in the center, we have 15 types available to suit red white.
Store the counter seats, table seats, the 2F We offer your seat to suit your parlor seats and number of people.
Course began the girl society course, your budget, in accordance with the contents of all sorts available ♪
farewell Mukaekai, various party, anniversary, date, a per person, available in a wide range of scenes ☆


Dish to eat

T-bone steak
100g 1300 yen
500g ~ can be ordered.
And by using a rare site that does not take only 5 percent from a head (fillet, sirloin),
a luxurious dish fin and sirloin can taste at a time.
It is recommended to eat and share with everyone ♪

Food and wine

All from the source of the authentic French cuisine that has been handmade delicious wine and
enjoy a reasonable price.

Come to the party

Customers of your budget, we offer a course in accordance with the content.
If you can communicate, make a reservation in advance, birthday, anniversary customers is of
the message containing the dessert plate, bouquet, Hall cake
will offer a.
You can celebrate in a surprise to the anniversary or birthday

Stylish space

Counter seating where you can feel free to use, even for one person, table seating,
we offer a tatami seat to 2F.
2F and together you can be chartered up to 40 people!

Stocks meat dishes around a carefully selected meat.

Use the red meat stuck to cow domestic Japanese beef,
texture is smooth and shop the push of a dish.


Store name Pasmal
Street address Yubinbango510-0071
Yokkaichi, Mie Prefecture Nishiura 1-2-26
Nishiura Building 1F
business hours 18:00 to next 3:00 (LO 2:00)
Regular holiday Irregular
phone number 059-350-4129
I mean count 3,000 yen - 3,999 yen dinner
Number of seats 40 seats
Reservation Booking
reserved Charter allows
up to 40 people
Private room Private dining rooms
Credit card use OK
Non smoking and smoking The entire surface of smoking
access 6-minute walk from Kintetsu Yokkaichi
nearest station Nagoya line Kintetsu Yokkaichi
Parking lot Yes


Today’s recommended (it becomes an example)



Spring limited SWEETS



Bottle Wine (menu is an example)


Fruit Wine


As it is – in the RTD ~ bottle


Beer&Beer taste



Soft Drink